A new approach


Since summer, that image stuck to me. And finally, in October, I started drawing. But not, how I usually do. Did a couple of pre-sketches, but as I explained before, I am not doing well using blurry visions as my source. I knew, where I wanted to go, but every sketch done my traditional scribble kind of way looked badly and not even close to what I wanted to see. While doing the 4th or 5th, I got frustrated. Causing me to think over how I approach things. That is where it hit me. Dude, you see blurry, you draw blurry! Just start exactly at that point where you are right now…

So, I wildly smeared graphite lead on another piece of paper, wiped my index-finger over it and started the drawing only doing the shapes I did imagine. Two smeary balls for the butt, one for the head, the body connecting both and then really quickly the shapes of the legs and arms. That looked right, that looked familiar, I knew that! Now it seemed, seeing those blurry shapes done by my finger, that suddenly my brain was doing the work and added detail on it’s own. I was going with the flow and still not feeling comfortable using a normal pencil, I took the paper smudge stick, used for shading and added just that little detail. And with every layer I did, my brain accustomed and added on it’s own. Somehow weird, but I am sure, I discovered my ideal approach of doing drawings from imagination. Now, I like what I see!

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