Sep 13 2013

The grass widowers main dish or Home alone for 15 days


from day 1…

…to day 15

Day 1 - Cevapcici – Pikante Hackfleischröllchen mit Balkangemüse und Reis
Day 2 - Tavuk Tava – Hänchenpfanne & Zimtmilchreis als Nachtisch (to go)
Day 3 - Frikadellenbällchen küchenfertig mit Brötchen und Ketchup
Day 4 - Salat mit Joghurt Dressing – geniesser Mahlzeit a la Chef (REWE)
Day 5 - Geburtstags-Buffet bei Manus (buffet)
Day 6 - Mexikanischer Bohnen-Topf
Day 7 - Mozarella-Tomaten Salat (self-made)
Day 8 - Knuspriges Hähnchen mit Gurkensalat und Brötchen (to go)
Day 9 - Zahrte Würstchen in Eigenhaut, Spitzenqualität
Day 10 - Spiegelei mit Schinken, Käse und Tomaten auf Brot (self-made)
Day 11 - Gyros Pita (not the original kind – to go)
Day 12 - Marie’s Special Bagel (Toykio)
Day 13 - Gebratene Nudeln mit versch. Fleischsorten und Gemüse (ordered)
Day 14 - Cordon Bleu mit Brötchen und Gurkensalat
Day 15 - Bambus Thai Spezial mit knuspriger Ente (ordered)

The dishes are in German to stay true to the brands. And yes: The colors are supposed to be bland.

Aug 14 2013

Cavewoman Fanboyism


Cavewoman sketchIt is not really the most beloved hobby, I have… for my wife, that is. I collect all sorts of Cavewoman books mainly drawn by the ‘Dominator of the Female Body’ and creator Budd Root. Sadly, he hasn’t been working on new CW comics for years and other artists & authors took over, reducing a literally good read into T&A. But, never mind my frustration, here is a pencil sketch of Cavewoman, which, right now, I am using as reference for my first steps into inking. Good thing I bought ‘White out’, because badly inked brush strokes can be removed, yeah! Also an idea was, to make a life-size painting of the sketch on a narrow wall in our store, hence the format. No idea, if I ever get around doing that… Click here to comment

Aug 9 2013

Heat it up!


Every year, our family tries to spend at least one to two weeks in Croatia. The old, small fisher village, where we stay, is called Jezera. As almost every other place close to the sea, tourists keep the business running. Although, it is not too overcrowded, yet. Technically, you can find the village on an island, connected with the main land via a small, short bridge. It is pulled up two times a day, to let boats pass by. The harbor itself is small. You can walk it off in about 5 minutes. Of course, there are nice cafes, some bars and places to eat. In the early morning, when the fisher boats return, restaurants supply themselves. And in the evening, the men sit around a table, close to their ships, singing old songs and drinking with friends or anybody who happens to walk by. Over the years, things did not really change. And one annual highlight, our family is always looking for, is, when Miro heats up his grill… Continue reading

Dec 31 2012

New drawing added – Yeah!


The first time looking at a photograph of my daughter jumping her soul out, it didn’t strike me. It did, though, pop up again some time later and just then revealed a perfect pose. I love the motion, the clothes, the coolness by giving us the thumb up. Great for a drawing. Here I used graphite lead and some pencil. Since I got my inking stuff together now (thanks to Terry Moores’ last issue of his ‘How to’ series, where he gets into detail of the equipment he uses), I might try a different technique later.

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Nov 7 2012

A new approach


Since summer, that image stuck to me. And finally, in October, I started drawing. But not, how I usually do. Did a couple of pre-sketches, but as I explained before, I am not doing well using blurry visions as my source. I knew, where I wanted to go, but every sketch done my traditional scribble kind of way looked badly and not even close to what I wanted to see. While doing the 4th or 5th, I got frustrated. Causing me to think over how I approach things. That is where it hit me. Dude, you see blurry, you draw blurry! Just start exactly at that point where you are right now…

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